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How BCCI can fix the club vs. country panga

May 28, 2011

hi all – my first blogpost ever….straight to the point

currently, gap between ipl salaries and india cricket salaries is very high creating this big country vs. club issue

to manage this issue for the indian players, BCCI (which also owns the ipl and has significant influence on ICC) can/should reduce the gap (to the extent it wants) by:

1. bcci should take ipl as competition and learn from it, innovate and think about how can it wean away viewers from ipl to national matches…consumer is king…except things that BCCI (as the cricket regulator) deems really harmful in the long run, give the consumer what he wants….more day night matches, more competitive 3, 4 or 5 team tournaments vs. long bilateral series, more T20s, colourful dresses, cheerleaders, stadium music, etc. Competition is a huge benefit of ipl and BCCI should not let this opportunity pass to improve the sport. Sponsors & players will follow the audiences.

2. learn from ipl franchisees how to attract more sponsors…also (maybe i am wrong here), in ipl, players appear in advertisements and franchisees keep the money…not sure if bcci does that enough (if u add advt. money earned by top players, country salaries be better than ipl)

3. reduce overall team salary caps (currently 9M USD) so that each ipl player gets less

4. increase the % of player’s ipl salary that goes to the cricket board (I don’t know what the % for india is but other boards get 10% of their respective players’ ipl salaries)

5. include uncapped india players also in the player auction. Currently, indian players who have not played cricket for the national team get a fixed sum of 10 / 20 / 30 lakhs per ipl season (maybe 2 seasons) depending on their no. of years of ranji experience. Intended to keep uncapped players grounded, this anti-market rule ensures that most of the 9M USD spent by each team goes to the international players. Scrapping this rule will ensure distribution of the ipl riches among the players depending on their perceived value by the ipl teams rather than the arbitrary distinction of whether they have played 1 international match or 0.

6. to the extent BCCI finances permit, increase salaries for india matches (performance-linked graded contracts are good and can be improved upon)….lets not grudge the players for making so much money…lets reward excellence….

more to say but will wait for feedback on this…


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  1. i agree to most of ur points…..lets reward excellence is smethin which i think bcci is doin but still not to the extent which it shd…..n teams keepin thmselves safe by groundin ranji players is smethin taken into consideration……..just tell me how to follow a blog through wordpress…..coz i follow blogs through blogspot…..n i wont be knowin whn u be writing next…..cheers dude…..

    • when you post a comment, there are a couple of options below the ‘post comment’ button to follow the blog….

  2. swapnil agarwal permalink

    good post, few points to consider:

    BCCI doesn’t come up with the international fixtures schedule, ICC does; so to have have more 3-4-5 team tournaments vs more bilateral series is impossible, plus if the bilateral series are the worthy ones (like ones coming up with England and Australia), then they can help more than the useless ODI 3-4 team tournaments. The key is to have more meaningful tournaments, rather than useless bilateral and ODI series, there’s enough cricket a viewer can watch. I feel the most significant way BCCI can improve the cricket in India is

    To significantly improve the quality of domestic cricket (Ranji) –

    1) Improve the quality of cricket – right now we have dead pitches where domestic cricket is played on, making runs in domestic matches don’t really mean much when you know to prove your worth, you will have to go to SA or Australia and face chin music by Steyn or Johnson.

    2) Make the Ranji games more meaningful – right now we have 4 day matches being played, which 70% of the time doesn’t produce any results and gets decided on the basis of which team made more runs in the 1st innings. Scrap that rule – make the matches 5 days, and with better pitches (which aids turn and bounce), the results will automatically be produced

    3) Improve the quality of the stadiums – I’ve been to a few matches and I can vouch, the standards of stadiums are ridiculous; we cannot expect people to go to these stadiums, watch these batsmen batting on dead pitches in these crazy heat; the stadiums need to be improved, if we expect people to come and watch; and as you said, making these matches day-night would help significantly

    4) The Ranji system should be the basic parameter which decides who gets picked at what position and his pay. Perfect example is the NBA draft, where the teams get a draft lottery for college players; the best college players automatically get rewarded by getting picked first and making more money.

    5) And finally, the ICC needs to recognize IPL as part of the international fixture and provide a window for it; if that doesn’t happen, its gonna keep testing players loyalty towards their individual countries.

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