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Why we should support Anna!

July 7, 2011


It’s very different from the numerous other movements. Here is why:

–          Great demands – Can have huge positive impact on the nation. They are not demanding punishment for one particular person or resolving one person’s plight or simply expressing their anger. Since a broken system causes most issues, they have very concrete demands that will actually fix the system – a very important part of it.

Going by the HK experience, this can substantially reduce corruption within 2 years. A strong anti-corruption environment is conducive for many important reforms, Also, Anna’s success will give him confidence to fight for more and inspire many others

–          Anna / his team – Good intentions, very capable, great track record, clean despite being in public life for a long time, apolitical. Draws support mostly from the common man.

–          Method – Legal. Completely non-violent and, despite the magnitude, does not inconvenience the public. NO striking of work, no rail/road blockages, no burning of property, no forced bandhs.

Strengthens participatory democracy by spreading awareness, encouraging people to voice their opinion and forcing govt. to consider public opinion (incorrect view that indefinite fasts are anti-democratic and set a dangerous precedent)

–          Consequences of failure – we might have to wait atleast another decade or two before some able and well-meaning group even tries to fix the system.

–          Consequence of success – will encourage more such bold moves by same / different people

–          Chances of success – Not very high given the attitude of political parties but public support has never been so good. Anna’s team has spread so much awareness and build credibility. The nation is watching. This is by far our best chance

–          Will my voice be heard / make a difference / eventually matter? – Can’t say for sure. However, your voice carries MUCH MORE weight in this case than it has in any elections or otherwise.

If you are looking to do something for your countrymen (that includes you and your family), please take notice – THIS IS THE MOMENT !!

  1. amit khemka permalink

    clears lots of doubt from my mind ……..n at the same time it gave me alot of hope n a clear picture abt the movement….thnx buddy….try sending it to some newspapers if u can….

  2. I am really impressed by what you are doing- I read about you in TOI- keep up the great work.

  3. Saraf!

    Read about you on TOI and found you on linked in. Congrats buddy you are making all of the NRI folks proud..Keep up the good work. Be safe.

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