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IAC: Arguments in favour of transparency

August 10, 2012

1.      Some IAC member may, either by mistake or by choice, present wrong facts or hide material facts before the committee. Transparency will reduce this since others can correct him later.

2.      The committee may misinterpret or miss certain facts or certain aspects of the issue. Transparency will allow the public/supporters/critiques to point deficiencies, contribute new ideas and improve decision-making.

3.      Encourages / forces members to prepare well for discussions, contribute more and behave.

4.      Transparency forces committee to take note of and punish deliberate/repeat mistakes instead of hiding/ignoring them. Infact, it also empowers the committee to punish mistakes since there will be less controversies or manipulations around what actually happened.

5.      Educates the supporters, general public and the media about various facts, issues and pros and cons of various solutions

6.      Less speculation or rumors or lies about what happened and who said what at the meeting

7.      Inspires confidence and removes doubts that there is some personal hidden agenda or manipulation or high command culture or dictatorship. The decision to contest elections infuriated many hardcore volunteers. Many of them agree with the decision but have problems with the non-transparent and undemocratic manner. Many of those who disagree with the decision assert that they would have been fine if it was a transparent and democratic decision. IAC leaders have had to spend a lot of time trying to explain the motives, etc.

8.      Helps take positions on complex issues. 2 or 3 broad views possible on almost everything. IAC has to take one of the sides just like any other party (and risk losing supporters). ‘Different’ type of politics requires taking similar decisions but transparently and democratically

eg: Many people (including me) believe FDI in retail is good while many (including Arvind Kejriwal) genuinely opposed it. I wondered about the logic and if AK or core committee or a sub-set took this decision. A transparent decision would have changed my position or atleast made me comfortable.

9.      Pressurizes/sets an example for other parties/organizations to follow suit.

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  1. i dont know but FDI in retail is not the need of the hour… an economist i know everyone supports it but looking at the way things have been in our country they won’t be able to get it the right way….a small exmaple is commodity exchange…….the day it started the prices of the commodities which hardly moved in decades have just gone sky high……n the government is not able to control it…..same with fii in stock market…i can clearly see that mauritius tax treaty is been used for converting black money into white that too without paying a single rupee of tax… FDI in retail is a good policy but our country wont be able to adopt it in benefit of its people….u will be forced to buying cheap quality products at high prices… first we need some way where corruption can be tackled n than we can think of FDI……i would appreciate if u can do a bit research on rajiv dixit…baba ramdev’s aide who got killed….he had a strong opposition to all the MNC’s working in india…..there are many videos on youtube and articles about him……even i need to clear myself on this point but as of now i am not in favour of it…need to know AK’s point as to why he is also opposing it

    • amit – i am strongly in favor of liberalization, etc….just heard one of rajiv dixit’s speeches…he hates foreign companies just because they make money in india but never tries to think how these foreign companies are able to make so much money? they must be selling something cheaper or better than our local companies as customers buy so much from them…isn’t this good for indian consumers? why are our local companies, despite access to cheap labour and low expenses/cost of living in india, unable to compete with foreign cos? are the indian companies trying to make even more profit or simply inefficient? disallowing foreign companies means significant transfer of wealth from indian consumers to indian companies….why is that good?

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